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Tent poles

Poles constitute the skeleton of a tent. A tent frame must be strong and durable. Yet there are different weight classes and species in tent poles.

For whom the weight is not important, that does not worry about a kilo more or less about his tent frame. In this case, steel poles are the best tent frame. These poles are directly heavier and more sensitive to moisture than the below exposed lighter poles.
When the tent poles are not made of stainless steel or are not epoxy-coated, the corrosion starts already after 1 holidays are to start corrosive action. Therefore, there are several anti-rust treatment for a steel tent frame. The tent frame can be provided with a thin zinc layer or lacquer layer, there is a kind of a zinc phosphate, and a mixture of epoxy-polyester coating to steel poles around cast.
To reduce the weight to be continuously developed ways to lighten tent poles without losing their good qualities.

The most common materials for a lighter frame tent or tent poles are:

Anodized aluminum tent poles
These aluminum poles have undergone additional treatment. Flexible aluminum like fiberglass, rigid aluminum looks like steel. Rigid aluminum poles are used in cam and tents. Flexible aluminum is often used in dome tents. Most consist of several parts which are connected by a rubber ring. Aluminum rust pretty quickly, and so are often anodized aluminum tent poles. This gives them a thin protective layer. Many poles have been a bit of bent so that they are more resistant to bending. For a clean and flawless frame: Mountain aluminum tent poles to dry. This prevents the aluminum tent frame 'speckled' is.

Fiberglass tent poles
This was before they were made of an aluminum alloy, the most common material for tent poles. Fiberglass is less strong and therefore the poles need to be thicker to be equally strong. Cheaper tents still use fiberglass tent poles.

Tent frame made of carbon fiber
This material is often used in the manufacture of among other things, fishing rods and is very strong and flexible. Carbon fiber is currently limited to poles in the more expensive tents.
Maintenance of a steel tent frame
We recommend to treat the steel poles as normal steel. That is, after you after a camping season the dirt and sand removed, treat the surface - especially in the rejuvenation - with car wax. Should this be the case, get very light sandpaper over and grease than some anti-rust agent. If you have an old and highly weathered steel poles, then more must be sanded and there may a rejuvenation a layer of varnish are applied.
So you can extend the life of your tent frame. Incidentally, rain hoods have a real function. The rain caps, supplied with a tent to prevent water penetration in the projections or corners. These are always sold separately as an accessory.

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