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Polyester sewing thread, Serabond, extra strong thread, Amann, thickness 15, white

Polyester strong sewing thread for outdoor fabrics. SERABOND, bonde sewing thread from Amann. Thickness 15. unvarnished thread

Serabond is a high-quality polyester yarn from the German quality brand Amann. Very wear-resistant, high U.V. resistance and high tensile strength. High resistance. Also for salt water environments. 
This extra strong sewing thread is especially suitable for outdoor applications such as tents, sails, canopies, tents, shade cloths, boat covers, awnings etcetera. After all, sun, wind, rain and sometimes even sea water make extreme demands on outdoor textiles. These weather influences require a sewing thread, the technical properties of which do not change even after a few years of exposure to the elements. The Hohenstein Institute has tested the durability of Serabond polyester yarn in weathering tests: Using modern processing technologies and the use of natural laboratory conditions, it was found that the dyes retain their maximum tensile strength and thus their colour fastness at a high level, even after 300 hours of testing.
By the way: Serabond sewing thread, thickness 15, can be processed on the sewing machine (needle thickness 170-190).