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Tent fabric lightweight cotton

Outletsales of lightweight cotton tent fabric by Holland's biggest tent factory at the lowest prices. We supply only top quality, mainly from Ten Cate Fabrics. Also special discounts or highly reduced prices. All you need for tent fabric, awnings, boat canvas, pvc sheets, etcetera.

Compare prices in your country regarding cotton tent fabric and don't forget to look at our accessoires in the webshop: all you need for finishing or sewing the fabrics. You're welcome !


P.S. Prices for any cotton tent fabric on the roll: to be negotiated. Please send us an e-mail with your request.



Tent fabric. Cotton 150 grams

Durable lightweight cotton tent fabric. From the well-known  quality trademarks in tent fabrics: Ten Cate and KS

light weight cotton 180 gr.
  • Save 32%
(Including tax)
160 cm
100% cotton
180 gr/m²