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Hoe zeilringen in tentdoek of zeildoek te slaan?

von Dieter Herkenhoff

Do-it-yourself putting grommets or metal eyelets to canvas

Step by step into tent canvas, tent fabric or other heavy duty canvas


With pictures and a movie.

Please click here for a detailed roadmap how to do in a PDF-file

Or click here for our  YouTube-Movie

You can buy all our eyelets or grommets sets plus the strengthening tape when you click here




First of all: We highly recommend using interfacing* under the fabric in the area where you will be attaching any grommets or eyelets. The extra reinforcement* will help support the fabric. Mark the location where you want to attach it. Cut an x-shaped slit over the area with a pair of sharp scissors - you don't want to exceed the area where the grommet will be hammered on, just enough to let the fabric "give" when it is hammered, so it doesn't pull on the fabric around the grommet. 

A roadmap in steps including pictures – see down stated

1) Make sure you are working over a very hard surface, if necessary on a concrete floor.

2) Put the brand/stamp on this foundation with the smooth/flat side upwards

3) Take the ‘bullet’-peg, positioned with the convex side downwards, and put this on the smooth/flat side of the brand/stamp. Then hammer a hole into the cloth – see photo 3+4

4) Turn around the brand/stamp with the notch pointed upwards – see photo 5

5) Put the grommet on the brand/stamp, with the carved side pointed upwards – see photo 6

6) Lay down the cloth on this grommet and put the flat grommet on the fabric – see photo 7+8

7) Take the ‘bullet’-peg, positioned with the point downwards and hammer it tightly – see photo 9+10. Please do this in a smooth/flat way, otherwise you will damage the grommet.

* Special reinforcing interfacing tape(sturdy p.v.c., heavy quality) can be bought in our webshop  at www.esvocampingshop.com



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