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Silicone lubricant spray can, 400ml

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  • 100% self-produced
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Silicone lubricant spray. Lubricates your tent zipper. Facilitates the mechanical processing of foils and sheeting.

This silicone lubricant spray has the following functions for our products: easier self-stitching of our clear plastic sheeting, faux leather fabric and PVC film + regular lubrication of a tent zipper. Note: do not fill the zipper on the tent directly, but rub first on a cloth and then on the zipper to avoid stains on the cotton tent fabric - see info below.

Properties of this silicone spray for tent zippers, clear plastic sheeting, PVC and faux leather

  • For tent zippers: lubricates the zipper on the tent and prolongs its life. 
  • For clear plastic sheeting(transparent film), PVC films and faux leather: easier slipping of the sewing foot + lubrication of the needle of your sewing machine (especially when using our double-sided adhesive tape). 

Stiffened tent zipper? Use silicone lubricant spray.

As mentioned above, silicone lubricant spray on a tent zipper acts as a perfect lubricant for the zipper. The zipper is at the same time less slippery and protected. It also extends the life of the zipper. If you want to spray silicone spray on the zipper, please note the " susceptibility/delicacy”of the canvas. For example, the cotton tent fabric of a tent differs greatly from synthetic tent fabric, which has a waterproof coating. Spray the silicone spray therefore very carefully on coated awning fabrics (caravan awnings, etc.) and with uncoated awnings (light and heavy cotton, nylon, polyester) it makes more sense to spray the spray first on a cloth and then rub the zipper - to avoid stains on the cotton fabric.

Silicone spray for sewing window foils, PVC foils and faux leather.

A syringe with this spray improves the transport of clear plastic sheeting, PVC film and faux leather through your sewing machine (under the presser foot) considerably. With this silicone spray you can also regularly spray the needle of the sewing machine if you want to suffocate the foil parts. This is due to adhesive residue from our double-sided adhesive tape, if you have temporarily assembled the parts first.

General properties of this effective silicone lubricant spray
  • is suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • is stain-free with the exception of cotton tent fabrics
  • ideal for zippers, piping, plastic and metal parts
  • for the maintenance and cleaning of your outdoor equipment.

This quality silicone lubricant spray does not grease, is invisible and does not stick. It is a clean and odourless alternative to other lubricants containing oils and greases. The spray is not only a lubricant and lubricant, but can also be used as a release agent, insulator and care product. It reduces the frictional resistance of metal and plastic parts and makes it easier, for example, to pull in the piping of awnings and markings. Zippers also remain smooth running with its help.

The silicone layer protects the treated material from external weather conditions and prevents corrosion, rust and oxidation. Silicone spray has a very wide range of applications. Silicone spray is used just as successfully in industry, in the household and garden as it is in cars, motorcycles, leisure and outdoor areas.

Info Box about this lubricant spray
  • Silicone containing
  • Water-repellent
  • Non-greasy (take care in case of cotton tent fabric!)
  • Lubricating, protective and separating spray
  • For zippers and awnings
  • Protects, maintains and lubricates
  • Application: for zippers, piping, plastic and metal parts
  • Operating mode: Spray
  • Content of the spray can: 400 ml

More background information about silicone spray on tent zippers

When it comes to camping, the quality of tent zippers cannot be compromised. Imagine tucking in for the night after a very rainy day of camping, only to find that the tent zipper refuses to zip close and its teeth has come loose. Without a repair kit and replacement zipper on hand, the campers will soon be in for a very wet, cold, and windy night.
Its important to look for high quality and top grade zippers while choosing your tent. There are some which are simply not stable and can break because of pressure as they start to become rusty and tarnish due to the exposure of light. There are mainly two types of zippers,
Coil Zippers
Tooth zip, which is also known as the Vislon or chunky zip

How to Take Care of Tent Zippers

Always keep the tent and its zippers free from grit and dirt. After using the tent, shake it out to remove the dust and dirt, and wipe the zippers with a piece of cloth.
Don’t force zippers if they refuse to budge. If fabric somehow gets caught in the teeth, gently work it out instead of pulling on it. The slider or coil can be easily damaged if the zipper is pulled too hard.
Use zipper lubes so the tent can be zipped up smoothly and without snags. However, do take note that applying lube or any other grease-based product on the zipper makes it more prone to dirt and dust. Wipe and clean the zippers fairly regularly if lubrication is used.

Sometimes, the tent zippers get stuck in the middle and doesn’t move back or forth. A lubricant can help smooth it out and keep the canvas tent zippers intact.

Lubricate your tent zipper with a spray:

this tip is one of most effective ways of prolonging the lifespan of your tent zipper. Zippers also deserve to have healthy teeth and body, so go an extra mile in taking care of it by applying a dry grease on zipper tracks and post ends. While applying lubricant is generally helpful, it is also important to take the type of lubricant into account if you decide to use one. Manufacturers have come up with several products which they design specifically for outdoor gears, and these items are what typically works best for your tent zippers. Some campers, hikers, and backpackers do not recommend the use of wax as this lubricant may cause dirt to get stuck in the zipper while scented wax has the tendency to attract bugs and other insects.


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