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History of Esvo

Esvo was established in 1922 and has grown to Holland's biggest tent factory and the Dutch market leader in tent canvas. 


More background information

For over 90 years, Esvo Campingshop BV has been garnering accolades as a reliable expert in campingshop and as the manufacturer of high quality camping tents, caravan awnings, windbreaks and tent poles.

For several decades we have maintained our position as technological leader on the Dutch market and with other demanding customers, some of whom are based abroad. 

In 1922, Evert Schokker founded the company in Volendam, near Amsterdam.  Today, three generations later, the company still operates from the same location. Since 1955, our activities have focused on the development and production of camping tents, caravan awnings, windbreaks, tent poles and other related products.In the time from the company’s foundation until 1955, we used the experience we had gained from making ship sails to make tents. As soon as we started producing heavy weight cotton tents, we began to focus on making tailor-made tents. From these beginning with a low level of mechanisation but with the high level of vertical integration that was customary at the time, the number of tents produced each year increased at a tremendous rate. This growth gave an early spurt to the mechanisation process in the manufacturing and one new machine followed another.As early as the nineteen seventies, the company was using combined computer aided design,  cutting, bending and welding machines for the production of its standard tents and ground sheets.

We have remained faithful to our own aspirations in continuing to develop the ESVO-product. Durability, practical funtionality and optimised materials form the core of our development. The customer has always benefited from Esvo’s constant improvements to its tents’ design qualities and continually expanding possibilities for application.The sales focus on machine and plant construction or rather the specialist sales staff has developed through our interaction with the company’s partners, our key customers.From the outset, our high supply capacities and quick reactivity as well as having a wide product range at our disposal have proved our strengths in our partnership with our customers. The reliability of both the product and our overall service remain our key benefit to customers.

Even today, development, manufacturing and sales are all carried out here in Holland. Our team is committed and enthusiastic about a product that at first glance may appear inconspicuous. We distinguish ourselves through our quality and customer consultations. Our service speaks for itself.