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ESVO is officially committed to the Foundation Webshop Trustmark, by far Holland's biggest label. Click here for the website.

In case you shop via www.esvocampingshop, our website, you can be assured:

  • Your payment transaction will be safe
  • You'll know the company behind the webshop
  • Your privacy will be guaranteed 
  • Independent dispute mediation is arranged
  • The webshop will need to follow the rules according to the code of 'Webshop Trustmark/Webshop Keurmerk'


Webshop Trustmark - the most reliable label




The Foundation Webshop Trustmark (Stichting Webshop Keurmerk) is since 2001 the association of shops that primarily offer products and services through internet. With more than 4500 TRUSTED STORES in Holland and 6.000 shops worldwide the Foundation is the largest acknowledged Trustmark in the Netherlands. The Webshop Trademark aims to protect consumers against webshops that are not reliable. Click here for the website.

Instead of other certifiers the Webshop Trustmark is independent and all members aim to protect the interest of consumers as good as possible.
The Webshop Trustmark/Webshop Keurmerk was founded when the Dutch Consumentenbond (Bond of Consumers) announced to end the activities regarding the Webtrader-logo. A lot of webshops who were allowed to use the Webtrader-logo on their site, decided to become a member of the Webshop Keurmerk. The by the Webshop Keurmerk used conditions are based on the (former) conditions the Consumentenbond.
The members of the Webshop Trustmark/Webshop Keurmerk are obliged to meet to European and Dutch laws and the Keurmerk-code. Webshop Trustmark/Webshop Keurmerk also aims to regain trust of consumers regarding internetbuys, per telephone, catalogus and mail.
The members of the Webshop Trustmark have to comply to the conditions. Webshop Keurmerk checks the members and mediates when problems arise.
A member of the Webshop Trustmark has a privacyprotocol that aims that the personal information of an internetconsumer will not be misused.
When a webshop doesn't comply with the rules the consumer can file a complaint, after which the Webshop Trustmark investigates the complaint and will try to solve the problem.
In cases that the problem is not solved and the Webshop Trustmark has the opinion this is due to the member webshop, the possibility excists that the membership will be ended.
In 2005 the management of the Webshop Trustmark/Webshop Keurmerk has been transferred. The new manager, who has a lot of experience and knowledge on the field of consumerbusiness and law, will ensure that for every consumer it is clear that a member of the Webshop Trustmark is safe and reliable. Click here for the website.