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About Esvo

ESVO is Holland's largest tent factory and Benelux market leader in tent canvas and more

ESVO has a fascinating history. Founder Evert Schokker from Volendam (hence the name: ESVO) started his business in 1922, as a professional craftsman sailmaker, at the harbor of Volendam. In 1952, the first camping tents were manufactured.

Due to the global competition in camping tents, particularly from the Far East, many competitors have fallen, ESVO got the opportunity to grow into the biggest tent studio in the Netherlands. The recipe for this company survival is simple: make tents out of the best materials and deliver what the customer expects of a durable tent.

Thanks to the excellent price-quality ratio, the tents are accessible to a wide audience.


ESVO is also the Benelux market leader in boat fabric, tent canvas and other outdoor fabrics

Since the coming of the Internet and the ability to purchase (major) parties first choice outdoor fabrics of the world's best weavers, ESVO has become the largest supplier in the BeNeLux of tent canvas, boat fabric, ground sheet, foil, shade cloth and many other outdoor fabrics .


Custom cloths

Since August 2015 we have the most modern robotic cutting machine, which is able to cut to size precisely and without any deviations all types of fabric or foil. More information via [email protected]


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