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Shipment costs

Germany and Belgium

Orders till € 50,00: € 9,95

Orders till € 100,00: € 7,95

Over € 100,00 we deliver free house.


Austria, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Denmark, France

Orders till € 100,00: € 12,50

Over € 100,00 we deliver free house.


Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Bulgary, Estland, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Rumania Slovenia, Slovakia

Orders till € 250,00: € 35,00

Outdoor textiles & Tent fabric / Tent canvas

Tent canvas, tent fabric and other outdoor textiles - at the lowest prices

Started as Holland’s biggest tent factory, ESVO has international success with her webshop in tent canvas.
What began with ordinary cotton tent fabric grew to a huge range in tent material: tent canvas, boat canvas, awning canvas, sun screen canvas, inner tent fabric, mesh fabric, glass clear sheeting, ground sheet pvc, tent accessories, etcetera. All tent fabrics and materials in AAA-quality, from our own plant or famous European manufacturers. Because of our large-scale purchasing, you can benefit from our low prices in tent canvas, just compare! You buy from 1 metre and then per every 10 stretching cm. 


Only the best suppliers of our tent canvas

Concerning tent canvas we have chosen for the best European suppliers where the Dutch trademark Ten Cate is our main supplier for tent canvas. In addition to Ten Cate Fabrics we also have the famour KS-202 tent canvas in the assortment.
Our program tent canvas is the most comprehensive range of tent material and fabrics you can find, concerning qualities, colors and weights. Down-stated a survey of all our various kinds of tent canvas.

P.S. Compare our prices of tent canvas with the levels for tent material in your country, you’ll be amazed!

And if you want to sew or finish the tent canvas yourself, we really do have all the accessories and tools you need to do so !

Do-it-yourself tips: 1. Click here for sewing a felled seam. 2. Click here for 'how to put eyelets/grommets into cloth


Tent canvas or any other tent fabric, we deliver by the roll - from 1 metre

We deliver tent canvas worldwide by the roll, from 1 metre. We try our best to have a wide selection of our tent canvas and fabrics available to buy online. If you want to buy bigger quantities of fabric, e.g. from 100 metre tent canvas or when you need a big party of tent fabric and you can’t find the correct fabric that you are looking for please phone up our head office on 0031299363695 or email us on [email protected]
and we will do our very best to find what you are looking for. By the way, we sell tent canvas to both private persons and business.

Which tent canvas or tent fabric can you buy by the roll?

We have over 270 kinds of tent canvas and fabrics. Some examples of what we have available for you when it comes to tent canvas and fabrics:
- tent canvas cotton 
- tent canvas heavy duty cotton 
- tent fabric lightweight cotton 
- tent fabric lightweight ripstop nylon 
- tent canvas Ten Cate All Season 
- tent canvas polyester-cotton 
- fire retardant tent canvas
- sun awning canvas
- boat canvas
- inner tent canvas
- remnants in tent canvas and various outdoor fabrics

As said, you buy our tent canvas from 1 metre / meter and then every 10 stretching centimeter longer.