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Suitable for pole diametre

Tent poles & Tent pole parts

Looking for tent pole replacement parts? You can buy here per piece!

We are Holland’s biggest tent factory and therefore our stock in tent pole remplacement parts is more than considerable. And, you can buy from one piece!

Tent pole replacement parts, accessories and tent canvas are the cornerstone of our business. We've spent decades refining and perfecting our range and have worked closely with our customers to develop new models to fit specialized product applications.


What can we offer you, when it comes to tent pole replacement parts?

Adjustable tent poles: steel, aluminium, telescopic nestic poles. 

Steel ridge tent poles 

Middle sections for tent poles : aluminium, steel 

Aluminium flexible tent poles 

Adjusting clamps and powergrips 

Tent pole points 

Spring button clips 

Inserts for tubes 

Tent pole clips 

Rings and pins 

Twistable tent poles 




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Suitable for pole diameter:
22 mm
Suitable for pole diameter:
25 mm
Suitable for pole diameter:
28 mm