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A reliable company - All about ESVO

ESVO is an obvious choice when it comes to tents. Our company dates back to 1922. What began as a sail maker has now grown to a leading European supplier of several kinds of tents. Since 1955 we are specialised in manufacturing top quality tents and accessories like awnings, groundsheets, poles, and so on.

We work with the highest quality standards in designing, developing, producing, techniques and service, however, always with old-fashioned craftsmanship.
The power of ESVO rests in the fact that we manufacture fair series of tents at reasonable prices. Value for money, so to say.


What we want and stay
Since our foundation we stand for inventiveness and quality.


Our misson
ESVO Campingshop BV wants to be a solid, reliable and high-quality company at all possible fields within her product ranges.

Our strivings are simple: by using the latest production machinery, flexibility and craftsmanship to meet our customers. In this way we want to provide the best price/quality ratio in terms of both products and services.


Our profile

  • Since 1955 an established tentmanufacturer Holland's leading workshop. High quality products. Strong and well famous brand.
  • Best-known because of several tests of Holland's most renowned Camping Magazine
  • Entire production process under control/under one roof, regarding quality control.
  • Innovative in designing and practical applications
  • Flexible
  • Internationally we work for customers who put quality and reliability in first place.


This is what we stand for

The ESVO team stands for commitment, experience and success with practical and durable products.. As partners of our clients and users, we will advise you with comprehensive know-how, we meet the highest requirements and will deliver results. Quickly, flexibly and reliably.We can do tents! Our focus is on the production and development of high quality camping tents.And we see it in context: the Esvo-team understands the importance of a tent for the reliable and functional operation. We think in terms of quality. It is the quality that makes this inconspicuous product so effective and dependable. We also think about our customers. You can always rely on our tents and other products and on us as your strong and flexible partner. In 2012 we celebrated our 90th anniversary. This is the proof!