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Pop top Volkswagen e.g. Westfalia

ESVO also provides the most durable canvas for your roof top tent.
The type of roof top tent does not really matter: Westfalia, Reimo, Mercedes Vito, Volkswagen and their well-known types of roof top on behalf of t2, t3, t4, t5, t25: ESVO has the right fabric. Moreover, we have a collaboration with a highly skilled installer of roof tops, specialized in the installation of a roof top on a camper, rv or bus.

Applications of a roof top tent
Many people turn their bus into a camper.  One problem is the height/vertical space.
A roof top tent is the solution for this with an increase of the total height of the bus or camper.
In the case of a lifting roof top tent over the entire length of the camper a sleeping roof construction can be installed. In here a bed can be mounted while the overall nett height of the camper rises with only a few centimeters.A fixed high roof has the advantage of the extra storage space.

A custom made roof top tent for your RV, camper or bus
Our relationship is specialized in tailor making a roof top tent  for your RV.
Standard or custom-made for the purpose of the trademarks, Reimo, Westfalia, Mercedes Vito, or the well-known types of roof top tent of Volkswagen t2, t3, t4, t5, t25. Click here for this specialist.

Our canvas for your roof top tent
Fabric for a roof top tent  must be both highly durable and flexible.
For example, one kind of cloth start to condense, and the other is subject to crackling, etcetera.
Very important is also the climate and ventilation, eg in case of a sleeping roof top tent.
For that reason we have decided to use heavy weight cotton canvas roof, with fine gauze.

ESVO wants quality of your roof, including the hardware and installation. Therefore we choose
for our partner. Click here for more information.