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Protect yourself with pollen gauze!


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Shipment costs

Germany and Belgium

Orders till € 50,00: € 9,95

Orders till € 100,00: € 7,95

Over € 100,00 we deliver free house.


Austria, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Denmark, France

Orders till € 100,00: € 12,50

Over € 100,00 we deliver free house.


Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Bulgary, Estland, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Rumania Slovenia, Slovakia

Orders till € 250,00: € 35,00

Control & Guarantee

To safeguard the quality of all its products, ESVO is conscientiously and carefully checking all the steps within the production process.

As soon as the raw materials arrive, the tentcloth, groundsheet, pvc and indoor tent fabrics are being tested on weight, strengths and waterproof characteristics. Under the conditions they meet our own specifications we release them for production in our workshop and factory.

Yarns, reef tape and zip fasteners are first tested on all strengths. Also the waterproof characteristics of each roll.

Because of our Cad-Cam system and the consequently fixed patterns, all series will be
identical to eachother. So there are no deviations in shape or forms.

After being finished the tents are punctually checked piece by piece and out of each serie one tent is built up. After this tent is approved, all tents will be packed and put on our warehouse - ready for shipment.


Because of those careful controls, the eminent and durable raw materials and the
craftmanship of our employees, we fully stand for our products and give two years
guarantee on our tents. Except for the zip-fasteners.