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Speedy stitcher needles. Especially for this repair tool kit. 10 pcs.

  • 100% self-produced
  • Excellent value for money
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  • 100% self-produced
  • Excellent value for money
  • Shopping safely


Speedy Stitcher needles. From the quality brand Schmetz. To prevent leakage.

These needles are especially suitable for the Speedy Stitcher and thinner than the standard needles that are included with the Speedy Stitcher. Click here to directly buy the super handy speedy stitcher repair or hand tool. See the explanation below how you can use these needles to prevent leakage in your cloth.

Why these special needles for the speedy stitcher?

The Speedy Stitcher is a great tool for manual stitching, sewing or repairing thick materials such as leather, shoes, belts, et cetera. As an emergency tool it is also an absolute must have on board a sailing ship.
HOWEVER: yacht sail, tent cloth, boat cloth etc. is sensitive material, the standard speedy stitcher needles will create too big stitching holes in the cloth, which will guarantee the stitching to leak.
This is why ESVO has these optional fine needles, which we supply in a thickness of 100, PLUS suitable sewing thread in thickness 35/40 in both polyester / cotton (for standard durable use in tents and tarpaulins) or 100% polyester yarn (for salt and uv resistance).
Click here for our water-repellent and durable sewing thread in polyester / cotton and click here for our polyester yarn.

Do these needles come standard with the Speedy Stitcher?

No, we're sorry. We sell the Speedy Stitcher as a repair kit / hand sewing tool. It's the original Speedy Stitcher (from the Stewart Manufacturing Company). Should you wish to use this tool for tent cloth or boat cloth, these needles are an extra option and are therefore NOT included in the standard version of our Speedy Stitcher. The needles must be ordered separately.   
Would you like to buy the standard speedy stitcher set? Click here


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