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Steel Wire Rope 4 mm. A4 / 316

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  • 100% self-produced
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Stainless Steel Wire Rope. Quality 7 x 19 (AISI 316)

Specifications breaking loadt:
ø in mm kN kg weight in kg/100 m
4,0 8,34 850 5,95

Stainless steel wire rope of the highest quality - in standard A4 / AISI 316

Also salt and acid resistant. Our choice for the highest Quality.
Stainless steel wire in the A4 or A.I.S.I. 316 version is the highest standard and
alloy for stainless steel. The German standard is DIN 1.4401.
Therefore, our steel wire can be used for all purposes.
The special alloy is therefore also acid and salt resistant.
Stainless steel wire rope in A2 or A.I.S.I. 304 or DIN 1.4301 / 1.4312 is therefore NOT in our product range,
for the very simple reason that this alloy is too low. We only sell the Highest Quality.

Heat resistant up to 300°C
The special structure of the base material, Austenite makes our stainless steel wire resistant to high temperatures. Unlike ordinary or galvanized steel wire cables, the cables of our stainless steel wire can be exposed to a temperature of 300°C without any risk.

Elasticity and base material
The structure of the base material Austenite within the steel wire therefore ensures greater elasticity compared to the ordinary or galvanized cables of steel wire.
During the fully controlled cooling process of the steel wire, between 1100°C and 700°C, the steel acquires a special crystalline form, which depends on the amount of carbon present in the steel.
Because of this and due to the special chromium, the steel wire retains its structural shape without losing its strength.


ESVO made in Holland

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