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Gaze against pollen allergy

Pollen what to do? Special gaze!


To relax and to sleep without having the pollen load at least at night with the windows open you can rely on the poll Poll -Tex mesh / mosquito mesh Esvo . The only pollen screen with medical approval.Every year many people suffer from hay fever or pollen allergy . Sneezing , itching , burning eyes , which begins flowing and stuffy nose . Hay fever or pollen allergy often begins in early childhood and can affect the quality of nightlife for decades . . The damage can range from insomnia with daytime fatigue associated to the reduction of learning, especially in children . The adverse health effects relate to the social life , school performance and productivity . About 20 percent of the population suffers from hooikoorts-/pollen-/stuifmeelallergieën all and this trend is rising sharply . Therefore combats the causes rather than the symptoms . Of course, the symptoms of pollen allergy, hay fever or largely taken by drugs or specific immunotherapy under control. Even better , however , is to avoid the causes - to minimize contact with pollen for all the times when you need to sleep.There are special poll and poll mosquito netting / mosquito netting for hay fever and allergies , these concerns are that if you have no pollen can enter. Open your window Normal window screens which are coarse still can through pollen . Therefore, a good pollen screen as with Esvo Poll Gauze is the only correct and especially ANY medicinally proven choice to keep . The particles of pollen The special structure are light and air just inside your bedroom or living room but keep the pollen out. Ideal for hay fever and so for a good nights sleep! What else can you do against the pollen ?The contact with allergens or pollen avoidance is the best . You can observe the following rules :Count inform you about the current situation of pollen in your area . In the pollen season • Avoid staying outdoors . • Let the clothing worn during the day outside the bedroom , and wash your hair before going to bed . • Create holiday in the mountains or by the sea - where the air is fresh and there are hardly any pollen . But what are you doing home ? Windows and doors closed ? Ventilate at night? It does not have to be ... our poll mesh in a so-called polllenhor helps if any . With ur pollen screen , you you can isolate yourself from pollen living space and should not abandon the necessary ventilation. Life better - without pollen . With the reliable mosquito mesh Esvo . If you are fed by the annual pollen intimidation , Esvo has the perfect solution for you : our Poll - Tex fabrics for protective mosquito netting mensenmet an allergy . Background information on hay fever and pollen allergy and our poll screensHay fever is revealed in 10% to 20 % of all Dutch and Belgians , and about 10 % of the Western population . Around the year 1900 is recognized as hay fever condition . Hay fever has nothing to do with hay or fever but the name comes from the time when the symptoms occur : the hay season .Hay fever is characterized by allergy to pollen (pollen ) of grasses , plants or trees . This involves pollen of plants that spread their pollen carried by the wind . Hay fever is a response to the human immune system . The complaints period coincides with the flowering of grasses , plants and trees . The symptoms are most severe when the pollen concentration is highest , usually on warm , windy days in May , June and July. As autumn begins irritation for hay fever / pollen allergy short break for a few months .Fortunately, there are medications available that appeals to most people . However, for children and adults with hay fever is a summer day outside is not always very pleasant . Undisturbed enjoy fresh air pollen screen is not a luxury , especially at an ever earlier starting insects season and the number of patients with pollen allergy that continues to grow .There is a solution for: a pollen screen , whose special mosquito netting completely repels insects and pollen . By using this poll screens with special Polltex mosquito nets , the pollen from the filtered air , increasing the risk of hay fever symptoms ( with a closed pollen screen ) is lifted .Scientifically proven reports mosquito netting and mesh poll .Special Poll - Tex mesh screens of Esvo has a unique medical and scientific test report : that of the famous E - Carf Institute ( Charité Hospital Laboratory from Berlin ) . This reputable and high quality research is the only thing the doctors can rely on when it comes to diseases related pollen allergy / hay fever goes . Our poll meshis the only one with such a ' stamp ' . More information about this unique mosquito netting follow.