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Treatment fire retardant fabric and tent canvas

Washing and treatment of fire retardant decorative fabrics

Washing, cleaning or impregnating of fire retardant fabric

ESVO has a special range of fire retardant fabric. It's a good idea to know everything about the fire service standards or treating this flame, or fire retardant fabrics. Click here to see or to buy our fire retardant fabric

Washing of fire retardant fabrics

Flame retardant fabric, cloth or fire-retardant coating cannot be washed with water or cannot get wet by other circumstances (with the exception of the protect fireproof clothing of Ten Cate, that has been specially treated for this). Then effect is diminishing or even gets disappeared completely.  

Dry-cleaning of fireproof upholstery or fire retardant fabrics

It is possible to clean chemically treated products. But given the various cleaning methods, the effect of cleaning on the flame retardancy first must be tested. You can buy special sprays for this. In connection with the liability ESVO  is not liable for these sprays, because of the effects by improper use or if non-compliance with legal rules relating to fire the fire regulation or if the use has not released.

Fire-retardant treatment with sprays

ESVO has opted for fire retardant fabric, for which we have selected suppliers, who, with their chosen materials meet the highest European fire safety norms.

Nowadays there sprays available, submitted by reputable companies, textile, upholstery and decoration materials flame retardant can impregnate. The content is officially approved. Certificates are not issued.

Sales of fire-retardant sprays of cloth or upholstery

Because customers this means this flame retardant sprays himself on the canvas, we cannot guarantee a correct dosage. For this reason, there is not decided these aerosols to sell themselves.

We can however advise the brands Ajax Fire, Magma International or Flameguard. All are reliable and internationally operating companies specialized in the field of fire protection materials and impregneermiddelen for e.g. canvas, upholstery and other substances.

Click here to see or to buy our fire retardant fabric