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Tent pegs and tent pegs. Information and tips.

For tensioning of a tent tent pegs and pegs needed. Who can not always simply be used interchangeably because they have different functions.
With new tents are often provided both pegs and tent pins, the pins usually the inner tent and the tent pegs for the rainfly are intended. For the normally occurring in the Netherlands soils, this is a good starting point, but it goes a long way in all countries.

Tip: use rock pens abroad instead of standard tent pegs
In southern France, for example, you have almost nothing to standard tent pegs, because the ground is hard and stony. Therefore you need sturdy steel pins or pegs. We therefore share the need for tent pegs and tent pegs into the hand of the soils on which you can camp: Loose sandy soil: here are wooden pegs indispensable. Possibly wide plastic pegs can also perform good services, especially for smaller tents.
Forest land: plastic pegs or large steel angle pegs can be used here. Tents within a large (family) tent can be fixed here often put steel tent pegs of a decent size.

Grassland: most tents are steel pegs here the designated species. For indoor tents satisfy steel tent pegs. On very heavy clay soil steel tent pegs are sometimes sufficient for the outer tent, although for large tents heavier tent pegs are recommended anyway, because they offer more security. Hard stony ground: only sturdy steel tent pegs meet here. Often, a few rock hardened steel pins provide good service, for example, to punch holes for ordinary pens.

Rock Ground: here are standard tent pegs excluded because they can simply turn immediately crooked. Steel rock bolts with a solid head are necessary here. We also have long steel pegs. Many take a handful of hardened steel nails with it, because they are often unable to attract more loose. With real rock pens is an expensive hobby. A tent hammer done all this often good services. You can not always just with the palm tent pegs or tent pegs into the ground again. A rubber mallet or complies only when the soil is not too hard. For harder ground you can bring the best an ordinary steel hammer, preferably a claw hammer because you can pull it the pins again. There are also hatchets for sale at the outdoor market, which have a flattened back. Which can also serve as a hammer to strike the tent pegs or tent pegs into the ground.
For the range of tent pegs, enter our site to the section / tab "tent accessories' and there you will find everything.

Shaving Lines
Even ropes are available in different materials. Basically, cotton ropes less durable than nylon ropes. Nylon ropes, however, are more sensitive to moisture. Therefore, you should be careful with nylon ropes with action on the canvas. Esvo moreover, nylon ropes, which no cause streaks but we caution. We sell ropes to the role, but of course as separate pieces. In various designs and lengths. For our range of shaving line: enter the site to the chapter / tab "tent accessories' and you'll find everything there.
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