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How to check the tightness of the tent ground sheet?

Background information and tips on tent groundsheet
With lightweight tents in the lowest weight class the tent ground sheet is the weakest spot of the tent. These must meet several conditions: durable, wear-resistant, waterproof and lightweight at the same time. The service life of groundsheet tent is completely dependent on the choice of the plastic manufacturer. We opted for sustainability in all of our tent groundsheets. Moreover, even we have specialized in a special production department.
But what about now if you have doubts about your own tent groundsheet and waterproofing it? If you want to know this, put a bucket of water under the groundsheet of your tent and groundsheet Weigh on that spot so good hanging in the water.
Wait 30-60 minutes and you'll naturally yes / no result. Test the ground cloth in different places because coatings are applied frequently in tents from the Far East uneven. Note also focus on the seams in the groundsheet.
Nylon is the most suitable for sailing tent floor because it is a strong and elastic material. With a PU or neoprene coating it is made waterproof. Silicone can also, but they are less durable. For best results, includes a coating to be arranged on the inside of the ground sheet has less wear and tear because grip on it. For the tent floor sails we have chosen as PVC material, because of its durability. We can tell you all about it. Look differently at our range of separate tent groundsheet, cockpit floor sailing, tent carpet, etcetera. Tent Groundsheet is indeed sold separately, or completely finished. Even exactly to size. This also applies to the cockpit cover, which prevents the possibility of water or vermin in your tent.
And if you have specific questions about tent ground sheet, please contact us. You're welcome.

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