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Ten Cate is Europe's leading manufacturer of high quality tent fabrics and a global world player. Its innovations in tent fabrics are well-known and are state-of-the-art.  Down-stated you can find all kind of fims about all tent fabrics of Ten Cate.

We are proud to inform that ESVO is Ten Cate's biggest re-seller of tent fabrics.

Some background information about Ten Cate Tent Fabrics
These quality tent fabrics are available in widths up to 243 cm and in weight categories from 150 up to 500 g/m2. Countless colour treatment options are available. Every required colour can be developed and applied to the fabric; the fabric is usually given a durable water and soil repellent treatment while a flame-resistant type is also available.

TenCate All Season tent fabric made from polyester/PVA or 100% polyester is often finished with a coloured acrylic coating with a mat, gloss or metallic finish. The non-coated side of the fabric (the inside) is dyed in the same colour, guaranteeing a uniform appearance. One of the many options available to clients is the application of a print on the fabric for the inner surface of caravan awnings.
Carefree camping depends entirely on the quality of the canvas. Which is why leading manufacturers of tents and front extensions prefer TenCate. After all, TenCate has been producing weather-resistant, strong, durable and shape-retaining cloth for years. High-grade materials produced according to advanced production methods and in conformity with Dutch standards. The guarantee of a perfect final result and extensive service. Moreover, our products meet strict environmental, safety and protection requirements.

Please note that if you combine materials, such as ground sheet, mud skirts, windows, zips, etc., then you run the risk that these products may have an adverse effect on each other. This is your own responsibility and we therefore advise you to carry out extensive tests beforehand, if possible.

Area of applications tent fabrics
TenCate supplies fabrics specifically suited to every tent, trailer tent or caravan awning, ranging from traditional cotton to synthetic and coated fabrics.  For an overview of the applications of all tent fabrics: please click here.

More backgroundinformation and films about tent fabrics of Ten Cate
TenCate Outdoor Fabrics focuses on the development and manufacture of technical tent fabrics for a variety of markets and is the international market leader in tent fabrics and an important player in the markets for sunshading and awning fabrics.

The integration of logistics, manufacturing and sales under the company’s own management makes TenCate Technical Fabrics a more than average flexible company. Quality and reliable delivery times are guaranteed, since all operations – from the procurement of raw materials, the weaving and finishing of tent fabrics to final delivery of the finished product – take place at one location. The company’s ISO 9001 certification guarantees the proper organisation of all business processes.

TenCate Cotton™ tent canvas is made of cotton. This tent fabric is strong and cotton has substantial breathing and moisture-regulating properties. It can effectively withstand weather conditions. Moreover, our products meet strict environmental requirements. TenCate Cotton™ tent fabric is used primarily in: bungalow, pyramid, and tunnel tents and trailer tents.

TenCate Solair™ tent canvas is a perfect mix of polyester and cotton. The breathing and moisture-regulating properties of cotton come into their own, while the polyester ensures extra strength and durability. Moreover, our products meet strict environmental requirements. TenCate Solair™ tent fabric is often applied in group tents, tent inners, but is also used for maritime purposes such as covers for boats.

TenCate All Season Touring™ is high-quality tent cloth made of polyester. This tent fabric is light, but strong and durable. The microporous acrylic coating on this tent cloth makes it waterproof, breathable and weatherresistant. This tent canvas is also easy to clean. Moreover, our products meet strict environmental requirements. TenCate All Season Touring™ canvas is used primarily in front extensions, tunnel tents and awnings. The coated side of the tent fabric needs to be used on the outside.

Awnings with allure
TenCate has long delivered fabric to awning and tent manufacturers, like ESVO,  for both the private and the business markets. Ten Cate's awning fabrics find wide use, particularly in Southern Europe. The coated fabric not only offers protection from the sun, but is also extremely weather-resistant and decorative.

Flexible response
Awnings are a seasonal product, with a demand that can fluctuate according to the weather. The company's management of the entire production process - manufacture, development, procurement, sales and logistics all take place under one roof - enable TenCate to adequately respond to fluctuating market demand. A wide variety of colours, stripes and designs are available. Obviously, the tent fabric can also be supplied in accordance with the client's specific wish for other designs, or with special printing.

High-grade polyester tent fabric
TenCate has developed special types of tent fabric for the awning market, in which a high-grade polyester is used. This tent fabric, provided with an acrylic coating, constitutes a unique combination employed by TenCate. It can be woven into a smooth fabric and - in combination with the acrylic coating - is extremely waterproof. This tent fabric is highly resistant to changing weather conditions. Consequently, it is ideally suited for awnings and, as a result of its waterproof properties, it is particularly suited for use in the large terrace awnings often encountered in the hotel and catering industry.

Colourful and weather-resistant tent fabric
Awning fabric made from polyester retains its shape and is very stable. This tent and awning fabric has an excellent colour-fastness and is rendered water and soil-repellent by means of a special finish. Consequently, unlike many other materials, awnings made from polyester do not have to be raised for every shower. Moreover, in part due to the water and soil-repellent finish and the special coating, the awning fabric can be cleaned very easily.

Cotton cloth and textile tent materials which have a microporous coating on the outside have a strong breathable capability that allows air and water vapour to pass through. This increases comfort and creates a pleasant climate in the tent.

The right choice of dyes and colourings with excellent colourfastness ensures that tent and awning fabric retain their colour, even when they are exposed to sun and rain for many seasons.

Dirt repellent
The tent cloth or fabric has been given a finish that ensures that dust and dirt adhere to it less readily and the fabric does not attract them.

A number of studies and tests have proven that the best raw materials, the right combination of fibers, the weaving technique chosen and good finishes result in excellent durability. Good maintenance will increase lifespan even further.

The use of inherently flame-retardant fibers ensures extra safety and protection. Textile tent material that is flame retardant inhibits fires from starting and delays their spreading.

Moisture regulating
Fibers like cotton and PVA have a high moisture-absorbent capability and are able to get rid of moisture quickly from this textile material.

Various types of fiber have a low degree of shrinkage. Thanks to special methods of production and professional processing by the tent manufacturer, the tent fabric remains stable. This enables a tent or awning to be stretched taut.

An ingenious combination of fibers, yarns, weaving and finishing gives the textile material its strength. The right processing and smart construction enhance this feature.

Sun protective
This fabric resists the nuisance caused by sunlight and the heat resulting from  sunlight. TenCate tent and awning fabric is well able to withstand UV radiation and thus provides effective protection from the sun.

Water repellent
The combination of fibers, construction and processing results in a textile tent material that repels water.



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Source: TenCate Technical Fabrics BV