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Shade cloth for terrace, pergola, garden, awning. Waterproof or permeable

Shade cloth for terrace, pergola, terrace roof, shadow cloth, etc. Waterproof or permeable. Also as a sunshade net. 50 fabrics, at the keenest prices.

As market leader Esvo has more than 50 different types of cloth for your terrace, terrace roof, pergola, balcony, porch, boat, etc. These are all waterproof fabrics as a cover or shade cloth, although we also have 5 types of permeable fabric. We source all these waterproof fabrics from the best known cloth suppliers in the world: TenCate, Sauleda, Docril, Dickson, Markilux, et cetera.

Buy shade cloth or patio cloth per metre. The lowest price for the fabric.
All the waterproof fabrics offered underneath for garden, terrace, pergola, patio roof can be purchased from 1 metre and then every 10 centimetres longer.
The prices for all types of fabric are the sharpest in Europe, because we buy large batches. We pass on this purchasing advantage to our customers.
Moreover, important: it can be even cheaper to buy these fabrics:
1. we have our so-called '2nd choice fabric'. These are fabrics that are waterproof (read: coated) but have a weaving fault. If you don't find the latter important, it will make a huge difference to the price. We have indicated this very clearly in our various product groups.
2. We also have remnants of waterproof fabrics for sun protection or as a shade cloth. You will understand: that is even cheaper to buy.

Would you like to make a custom shade sail or a shade cloth yourself? Everything is possible with us.
If you are considering: make my own shade cloth or shade sail or not? Then you can come to us for either a custom made shade cloth, completely assembled by us or a choice of really EVERYTHING you need to make your own shade sail:
eyelets, snaps, durable tent yarn, reinforcement tape, all guying materials, etcetera. Click here for all supplies you need for a shade net, balaclava cloth, pergola cloth, sunscreen, canvas for the terrace roof, etcetera.

How much does a shade cloth cost? Tailor-made or self-made with fabric from 1 meter.
If you want to buy a shade cloth for your pergola, garden, conservatory or terrace, the price may vary greatly. The cheapest way is to buy the waterproof fabric, cut to size and have our tent yarns, grommets, reinforcement tape, etc. and then either make the fabric yourself or have it assembled locally. If you want a custom made shade cloth, we can also do that for you, exactly according to your wishes. Fact is and remains: ESVO is the market leader in outdoor fabrics and offers you the sharpest prices - also for shade cloths. Feel free to compare.

Can I have a shade cloth made to measure at ESVO?
Of course you can have a shade cloth made to exactly the right size for you. Given the choice of 50 different types of shade cloth, waterproof or water permeable, you will first receive appropriate, functional advice. And because we are a camping tent factory, you can get any finish you want.

What can you do with our waterproof fabrics as shown below?
The applications of our waterproof fabric are truly numerous:
canvas for terrace
cloth for terrace screen
cloth for above terrace
cloth for pergola
privacy cloth
ball announcement book
loose cloth for terrace roof
cloth for over terrace
waterproof cloth for pergola
cloth terrace roof
dust awning garden
waterproof cloth for terrace
dust awning garden water permeable
fabric awning
waterproof cloth garden
waterproof cloth pergola
custom-made waterproof cloth
waterproof fabric
waterproof fabrics
buy waterproof fabrics
waterproof fabric per meter
waterproof fabric ordering
shade cloth
Shade cloth do it yourself
shade cloth

Request a cloth sample from us without obligation. Waterproof or permeable, no problem. The same goes for any kind of advice on the above canvases as sun blinds. In any case, you are always welcome. 

Kind regards, 

The ESVO team