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Germany and Belgium

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Austria, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Denmark, France

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Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Bulgary, Estland, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Rumania Slovenia, Slovakia

Orders till € 250,00: € 35,00

B-1 for flame-retardant tent canvas and fabrics

Norm for flame-retardant decorative fabrics


ESVO has a special assortment of fire-resistant or flame retardant fabrics. In the context of general and useful information we would like to point to your liability / responsibility in using this fabric or canvas.
First, our flame retardant polyester and cotton fabrics in their application have  the best and most durable features. Our minimum technical requirement therefore is the international B-1 standard (DIN = 4102). Close to this norm there are also DIN 54336, DIN 66082,  NF P92 503/501, the American FAR 25.853-b (Aircraft trims), and also the English BS 5867 + BS 5867.

Again, our fabrics meet B-1. If you want to be sure, have it officially tested.

See our special assortment in these flame retardant decorative fabrics in our special chapter 'Other Fabrics'.