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Spring button clips and tent pole clips

Looking for tent pole clips or tent pole connectors? Here you can buy spring button clips per piece!

We are Holland’s biggest tent factory and therefore our stock in tent pole clips and steel spring button clips is more than considerable. And, you can buy here from one piece!
Tent accessories and tent canvas are the cornerstone of our business.We've spent decades refining and perfecting our tent pole clips, spring button clips and snap button fasteners and have worked closely with our customers to develop new models to fit specialized product applications. Click here for ALL our tent pole replacement parts


The uses of our tent pole clips and spring button clips steel 

The uses for these versatile snap button clip fasteners are endless, and with many spring button clip variations, you can be assured that we can accommodate your tent pole clips requirements. Simply browse through our snap button gallery and you will find that we carry any type you need, including single-end straight spring leg, double end, etc.


Click here for ALL our tent pole replacement parts and other tent pole clips

Applications of the spring button clips 

Tent, Crutch, Tube, Household, Automotive, medical device, locking spring clip for tube watch, etcetera 

Alternative names of our tent pole clips or spring button clips

Our spring button clips have many other names which are used to describe them, these include: Button Clips, Snap Button, tube button clips, Push Button Spring Clips, Tent Pole Puch Button Spring Snapclip, Kayak Paddle Push Button, Tent Pole Spring Clip, push button spring clips for tubing, Spring Locking Pin, Push Button Spring Clips For Hoops, Awning Pole Spring Clip, Connecting Clips – Scaffold, Pole Retaining Snap Buttons, push button spring clips for tentpole, Gazebo Spring Clips, Push Pin, Spring Clip/Push Pin, Pop Up Spring Clip, Tube Clips, Tube Button, Tube Pins, Locking Pins, Pole Clips, push button spring clips for tentpoles, tent pole kayak paddle push button spring snap clip locking tube pin.


So, you are always welcome for buying your tent pole clips or spring button clips per piece. We will ship them the same day as you order.