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Your tent pico bello the winter - storage tips for your tent.

Camping Tents quality are not really cheap, but they can last a long time. If you are treated well and save your tent, you will have many years of enjoyment. The good deal is especially true for cotton camping tents. Cotton is namely cellulose, and that is the 'breeding ground' for fungi. These bacteria love a moist environment and natural cellulose in cotton makes them grow. The result is the so-called "weather" in the fabric. Although we have here a little tips to remove, it is still much better to avoid all this. Below some tips to save on your tent on pico bello. We wish you a lot of fun with your camping tent.

Tips for interim storage and use of your tent
-The Tent when wet roll up and stow
-Katoenen Camping tents can be transported very temporary wet if you camp. Try within 1 day to dry the tent. Again, roll the tent up. Save the segments together and 'fold' the tent together.
-Make Your tent clean and dry before you store the tent in a dry, well ventilated area.
-The Contain packaging (bag) should preferably be made of cotton, by letting water vapor and no surfactants (wetting agents).
-The Bag definitely not wash, because soap will damage the water resistance of the cotton tent
-Allow Children 'blowing bubbles' in the vicinity of your tent if you are camping. These bubbles affect the tightness of the canvas.
-A Bag of plastic we recommended in connection with any transfer of PVC plasticizers on the canvas and inadequate ventilation.
-During Storage rings, ropes and ground cloth (if possible) separation and not pack together with the tent.
-Provide A good tension and the end of the tent, so that water easily expires.
-Avoid Contact with the tent during downpours.
-Apply With oily hands, especially at the entrance (suntan lotion, cream, etc.), as this may damage the waterproofing
-Provide Good ventilation while cooking, because moisture is often the source for mold.
-Was Not off in the tent: wash water containing soap is a great enemy of the canvas. See above note about blowing bubbles and the impact on canvas.
-Hang No towel / wash cloth on a pole in the tent in connection with Surfactants (who can sit in tea towels).
-Create Mudflaps and ground-cockpit cover Never clean with soapy water. The mudflaps to clean best with a sponge and then a dry cloth.
-Do Not iron rods as a frame or as a strengthener of the tent.
-Ventileer The tent, especially if it is not used (pre-season).

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