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Shipment costs

Germany and Belgium

Orders till € 50,00: € 9,95

Orders till € 100,00: € 7,95

Over € 100,00 we deliver free house.


Austria, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Denmark, France

Orders till € 100,00: € 12,50

Over € 100,00 we deliver free house.


Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Bulgary, Estland, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Rumania Slovenia, Slovakia

Orders till € 250,00: € 35,00

The difference between tent fabric and canvas

This information chapter will be written at short notice.

Anyway, ESVO is Holland's biggest tent factory but also the Dutch marketleader in tent fabrics and tent canvas.

Long story, short:  tent fabrics are for light use whilst canvas is suitable for heavy duty and the long term.


For durable usage we truly recommend our Ten Cate All Season Touring.


We have Holland's largest range in tent fabric and canvas.