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Tent canvas for caravan awnings

Various kinds of canvas for awnings

100% cotton canvas
Cotton Cloth is made from the naturally growing cotton lint, which is spun into yarn and then woven into cloth below the bleached and dyed. Advantages: great tent material by its natural, breathable, flexible and easy to use. Shrinks in the rain, nice and tight so the tent will be placed in the model. Waterproof cotton cloth because the waterproofing composition absorbs well. Disadvantages: fade pretty quickly, not easy to clean. Is rapidly affected by moisture (again). Poor resistance to environmental influences, bird droppings and acid trees.

Polyester-cotton fabric
This screen fabric is 50% polyester and 50% cotton and polyester core is stronger than its 100% cotton canvas. Pros and cons: this further agree with those of 100% cotton canvas.

Acrylic Fabric (dralon)
Acrylic is a plastic canvas. The spinning mass direct light and weather fast pigments included. Then sprayed a thread, this thread is a twisted yarn after the fabric is woven. This creates a piece of synthetic fabric that has a breathable cotton canvas. Advantages: Up colourfast and unbeatable weather fastness. The fabric not mold and rot. The synthetic fibers will not absorb moisture. The normal preparation and cotton canvas gives no condensation, resistant to environmental influences. Easy to clean with clean water.

P.V.A.-/Polyesterdoek Airtex
This material is woven and then on the outside with a coating layer treated. Advantages: waterproof coating until the coating is not damaged. Color fast and washable. Resistant to environmental influences. Disadvantages: The coating layer on the outside, the fabric condensarm.

Trevira fabric with PVC coating
Trevira is a fabric on both sides with a PVC coating is treated. Advantages: waterproof as long as the two-layer coating is not damaged. Reasonable colourfast and washable. Resistant to environmental influences. Disadvantages: quite heavy, it stretches when wet and shrinks when the sun shines, these properties are difficult to tension and thereby risk of wrinkling. By the two-layer coating, the curtain air tight and therefore can not freely exhale. This creates differences in temperature drops forming on the inside of the canvas.