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Cover for boat

What material to use as a cover for your boat?


A pool cover protects your boat against moisture, rain as well as sunlight, dirt, hail, snow, frost, leaves, bird droppings, et cetera. To keep those influences 'overboard' it is advisable to use the most sustainable qualities. PVC or bisonyl.


ESVO offers you the quality that you want We have several qualities PVC / tarpaulin / bisonyl. A sailmaker often used 630/650 or 680 gr. / M² as standard. Obviously, there are of course to obtain lighter or heavier types of PVC tarpaulin. So we have also PVC variants in 450 gr. / M² and 250 gr. Boat cover in high Markilux or Sunbrella acrylic boat ESVO is the absolute leader in boat acrylic. That's canvas boat covers of the world's best known brands in acrylic boat: Markilux or Sunbrella (Dickson).


The difference between boat acrylic / canvas boat versus PVC bisonyl for your boat


With boat covers canvas you can bring your boat (sailboat, motorboat, speedboat, etc.) as it were 'pack'. The boat acrylic is very durable and will last many years. It is also flexible, so you can have anything on them. PVC Bisonyl is the familiar truck tarpaulin. This is less flexible when the boat covers Sunbrella fabric or Markilux. Also, there are plasticizers in PVC, which in due course can give a craquelée effect the material. If you can just cover your boat, then it is also our PVC or HDPE heavier superb quality. Custom boat cover A cover for your boat you can decide on size and waterproofing. ESVO has all the necessary accessories: water repellent sewing thread, tying laces, the strongest PVC glue, tape reinforcement, grommets, transparent fabric, zippers, belts, buckles, elastic, et cetera. See our section 'tent accessories. Applications of a tarpaulin As mentioned, use a tarp for your boat or dinghy. On the trailer or in the water. That does not matter. Other uses of a cover are: pool, whirlpool, tricycle, outdoor furniture, caravan, tent, trailer, furniture or even your firewood. How can we help you in terms of tarpaulins? If you have any questions about our tarpaulins? And which best suit your boat, for example? Please call or email us. Naturally, you are always free to request a free quote for any possible cover.