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Material eyelets

Eyelets with washers & Press fasteners

Eyelets, press studs, turn clasps from the online market leader, Stainless

ESVO has its own brand range of own eyelets, press studs and turn clasps. All made in Europe. Stainless. Completely delivered required tools to strike. AAA quality, at the lowest price - because you benefit from our large scale purchasing advantages.
Therefore, look and compare critically. For all explanations, see the specific ranges and products for eyelets (also from the brand Prym), press studs (also Prym) and turn clasps.

For the do-it-yourselfer, who wants to attach eyelets themselves

ESVO has a wide range of eyelets (the 'eyes', which you put in the fabric), turn kits and press studs, including press studs of the well-known brands Prym and Tenax.

VIDEO: click here for our video on how to strike our eyelets in any canvas.

Tip: attach a reinforcement behind the eyelets

When you start working yourself, remember that there has to be reinforcement behind the cloth. ESVO has various types of twill band and reinforcement band for sale within our 'tent accessories' or click here on 'strengthtening tape'. Furthermore, we have various types of videos on our YouTube channel in which you can see very clearly and follow how you can put the eyelets or press studs in the fabric yourself or attach them.

Assortments of eyelets
In terms of stainless eyelets we have our own brand ESVO: (inner) diameters Ø10mm, Ø12mm, Ø16mm. In the types 100% brass (copper-look) and 100% brass/nickel-plated (silver-look). Neatly packed per 25 pieces.
In terms of Prym eyelets we sell the sets of eyelets 11mm, 14mm. Also nickel plated and copper.
Of course we also have plastic eyelets. See the assortment below.

Assortment of press studs - also screwable
In terms of press studs we also have our own brand ESVO. The versions are 15mm standard and screw-on press studs. We also supply 15mm of the Prym press studs.
Ø 120 mm
9,99 8,99
5 turn clasps
Material eyelets:
Brass nickel plated
Save 36%
1,25 0,80
1 turn clasp
Material eyelets: