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ESVO PTFE sewing thread, 40, 750 meters, uv resistant, colourless

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Sewing length:
ca. 100-130 meter
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  • 100% self-produced
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ESVO sewing thread, bobbin 300 m, u.v.-resistent, extremely strong, made of colourless PTFE.

ESVO ultra strong sewing thread has a number of highly distinctive properties for the most extreme outdoor conditions: 

  • Completely insensitive to sunlight / U.V. rays. The thread is pigmented - not dyed. Because of these exceptional material properties, this strong sewing thread is extremely colourfast
  • No quality deterioration due to salt, mould, mildew, acid rain, alkaline solutions, bleach or other cleaning agents
  • Does not absorb water
  • Will never fade, stain or discolour
  • Cannot crack or break, despite extreme weather conditions or temperatures, microorganisms or chemicals
  • 15 year warranty
  • Breakage strength min. 5 kilos. 1400 denier. Thread thickness nm40 / 0.3mm. To be stitched with needle thickness 90/100
  • To be processed on a household sewing machine. Note: do adjust, because it is smoother than standard
  • The bobbin contains 750 meters of sewing thread. Effective stitching length 100-130 meters


Applications of ESVO strong thread. For the most demanding outdoor conditions.

This extra strong sewing thread is the ideal, colourfast choice for any outdoor application: for awnings, tarpaulins, sprayhoods, bimini-tops, awnings, convertibles, glamping tents, awnings, tarpaulins for longer covers, jumbo sun umbrellas, marine tops, boat covers, as upholstery thread, et cetera.: everything that has to last extremely long outside.


The distinctive properties of ESVO yarn

ESVO sewing thread is the strong, u.v.-resistant yarn that lasts longer than the fabric. It will not deteriorate due to exposure to the elements: not due to UV radiation or extreme temperatures, not due to salt water, dirt, acid rain, alkaline solutions, bleach or other cleaning chemicals. ESVO yarn will also never stain. With a lifespan of at least 15 years, this sewing thread will therefore last longer than the fabric into which it is sewn. ESVO guarantees it! See the distinctive features above of this more than strong sewing thread, which can be used on a regular sewing machine. Moreover, we have bobbins of only 750 meters.
Tenara is thinner, but also many times stronger than conventional thread. Because of this you can also stitch it with a standard household sewing machine (please note: after an adjustment, because it is smoother than standard). This special yarn is made of PTFE. This stands for polytertafluoroethylene. 

This more than strong thread in practice

If, for example, you have an expensive awning, boat hood, tarpaulin or your expensive upholstery, you don't want that fabric construction to fall apart after a few years. Even our most durable fabrics (boat acrylic, boat upholstery fabric, TenCate All Season, awning fabric and other waterproof fabrics) have a weak point: the stitched seams. At a certain point, standard sewing thread on the seam starts to wear and 'breaks' after a certain amount of time due to, among other things, UV rays, salt, detergents, dirt, water, rain and snow. This is particularly noticeable with tubular hoods, bimini tops, spray hoods and other tarpaulins.

What types of sewing thread do we have for you? ESVO has its own range of threads

- the polyester/cotton mix: sewing thread for tents and waterproof structures, because the cotton component is the perforated holes
  close to moisture because of its swelling capacity.
- 100% polyester. More durable, but not suitable for a waterproof construction.
- ESVO yarn, for the toughest outdoor conditions - see properties above.
Click here for our extensive range of sewing threads. Would you like advice? Do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected] or 0299 363695. You are always welcome.

ESVO and the 15 year guarantee on this thread

ESVO gives a 15 year warranty on this particular yarn and will not be damaged by exposure to sunlight, weather or water during the life of the fabric in which it is used. This warranty does not apply to defects caused by fire, sharp cuts, chafing or improper sewing. In addition, it is only valid if ESVO top and bobbin threads have been used.

Advice on sewing thread for outdoor fabrics

Would you like extra advice on sewing thread for your outdoor fabric? Do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected] or
0031299 363695.
You are always welcome.

Kind regards, 

the ESVO team


ESVO made in Holland
Sewing length:
ca. 100-130 meter

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