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ECOHEMP: tent fabric from hemp, organic cotton and recycled polyester

by Richard Schokker
ecohemp, tent canvas organic cotton, hemp

Sustainable textile innovation for tent fabric. ECOHEMP: made from organic cotton, recycled polyester and hemp.

As a market leader, ESVO takes its responsibility to protect people and the environment seriously. Although we sell miles of cotton tent fabric by the metre, it is becoming increasingly difficult to source environmentally friendly raw materials; natural, organic fibres such as cotton are very labour intensive and petroleum-based fibres such as polyester, nylon and acrylic are not really environmentally friendly. So it was high time for a sustainable alternative with organic cotton and hemp. This, of course, was found at the world's best cloth weaver in terms of constant and consistent premium quality: TenCate. And now they have developed Ecohemp: with really very special properties. Composition: 50% recycled polyester, 30% organic cotton (also called organic cotton) and 20% hemp.

Why organic cotton and hemp in tent fabric?

  • Breathable - cool in summer, warm in the cold season
  • Moisture regulating - rot & fungus resistant
  • Excellent waterproofing - functionally high water column
  • Extremely strong - much stronger than standard cotton fabric

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TenCate EcoHemp is a unique blend of hemp, organic cotton and recycled polyester.

The ingredient hemp has special properties. Hemp grows under very simple conditions. It requires little water during growth and processing and needs little or no crop protection. In addition, it has similar breathable and moisture-regulating properties as cotton. An additive is needed to make the fabric particularly strong. Polyester is the most commonly used raw material in the camping industry because it is easy to produce and very strong in relation to its weight. To reduce the global impact of polyester use, recycled polyester is increasingly being used. In the meantime, a yarn made from recycled plastic has been developed, in which old fishing nets, for example, have been processed. These are of such good quality that they can also be used as tent material. By using recycled polyester, the environment is relieved and the hemp fabric is strengthened to enable the tents to last for a long time.
Finally, a limited amount of organic cotton is added. This gives you the ideal mix of comfort, durability and quality. Organic cotton is grown entirely organically, using only natural pesticides.
The use of these raw materials in TenCate EcoHemp has resulted in a significant reduction in the carbon footprint, lower energy costs and savings in water consumption throughout the production process.
TenCate EcoHemp is woven in accordance with the strict regulations of the Organic Content Standard (OCS) and the Global Recycling Standard (GRS). This highly eco-friendly tent fabric is strong, breathable, rainwaterproof, rot-proof and fungus-resistant. It is ideal for pyramid and tunnel tents, trailer tents and glamping tents.

Choose from the available colours: click here for the selection.