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How do you repair a tear in fabric or PVC? And waterproof!

by Richard Schokker
tear or hole in fabric, pvc or plastic

How do you repair a tear in fabric or PVC? And waterproof!

Do you have a hole or tear in your clothing, tarpaulin, tent fabric or other fabric? There are various repair products for this. Of course also waterproof repairs.
First of all, there is self-adhesive repair tape: transparent, flexible, extremely strong and yet permanent.
Advantages: transparent fabric repair with tape further prevents the tear in the canvas, fabric or PVC from running out. This type of repair has a more than excellent adhesion and can be applied at temperatures of -28 to +60 degrees. It eliminates the need for liquid glue and/or sewing. Stretches and springs back. Can easily handle tension without loosening or tearing. It also dries slowly, so you can still move the tape around.
You also have glue for repairing a hole in cloth, fabric, plastic, PVC or sailcloth.
This glue remains elastic, making it suitable for repairing waterproof wading suits, mackintoshes, tents, caravan awnings, swimming pools, backpacks, neoprene products, shoes, boots, and leather.

Assortment of kits for repairing a hole or tear in fabric, clothing or plastic

Click here for a wide range of repair kits for waterproof repair of tarpaulin, tent fabric, soft plastic, PVC and much more. Offered by the market leader in outdoor fabrics and therefore with expertise in waterproof repair of fabric.


More information on repairing a hole or tear in fabric, cloth or pvc

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