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Spring clamp / sail clamp / tarpaulin clamp, steel, galvanised, 15,5cm

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Spring clamp as tarpaulin clamp or sail clamp or market stall clamp

This spring clamp can be used for many applications. The name of this tarpaulin clamp is also called market clamp or market stall clamp. The spring clamp is made of galvanized iron and has a high clamping force. Alternative for this spring clamp: please click here for our extremely strong flat tarpaulin clamp or sail clamp.


Properties of this tarpaulin clamp / market clamp / spring clamp

  • Spring clamp material: galvanized steel
  • Handles sail clamp: ribbed 
  • Overall length tarpaulin clamp: 15.5 cm 
  • Height/width market stall clamp: 10 cm 
  • Jaw depth sail clamp: 5 cm
  • Maximum clamping diameter: 6 cm. Best clamping range: 5cm Ø
  • Alternative tarpaulin clamp: hard plastic, flat, extremely strong, please click here.


Can you also use this tarpaulin clamp for other uses than as a market clamp?

Normally you use this powerful spring clamp to quickly clamp or attach a tarp or tarp, for example to a market stall, as a market clamp. Or to clamp cloths. But you can also use these tarp clamps to hang background cloths or for large presentation boards. For the campsite, the application of the spring clamp is clear: for clamping an awning to a tent pole or caravan spare part.


ESVO made in Holland

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