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Speedy Stitcher. Sewing awl repair tool kit

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Speedy stitcher. The original - from The Stewart Manufacturing Co. USA

The Speedy Stitcher is a super handy (repair) tool for manual stitching. Suitable for all heavy materials to sew manually, including sails, spray hoods, outdoor covers*, tents*, shoes, leather, boat covers, belts, saddles, climbing gear, etc. The speedy stitcher is therefore also great for emergency repairs. ESVO also offers a solution against large stitching holes and possible leakage.
Good to know: the speedy stitcher has been judged by the Dutch leading maritime magazine ‘The Water Champion' with 5 'Anchors'! See also the example videos.


How handy is the speedy stitcher and where is the disadvantage/hazard and also the solution?

The speedy stitcher has a large handle, very strong diamond point needles and a standard spool with a waxed yarn. This yarn is incorporated in the handle. Because the handle is so large, you can easily force the thread through the thickest fabric or materials to sew. With a little practice, the Speedy Stitcher lets you sew a neat stitching. See below for more information plus some very useful videos.
*DANGER: the needles supplied as standard with the Speedy Stitcher are too thick for a tent canvas or a sprayhood. This creates a hole that is too large, which ‘guarantees’ that the stitching will leak. ESVO therefore has optional fine needles for you, which we deliver in a thickness of 110 or 120, PLUS suitable sewing thread in thicknesses of 35/40 in both polyester/cotton (for standard durable use in tents and outdoor covers) or 100% polyester yarn (for salt and UV resistance).
Click here for our water-repellent and durable sewing thread in polyester/cotton and click here for our polyester thread.
Click here for the most suitable sewing machine needles (suitable for the speedy stitcher) 


For what purposes and applications is the Speedy Stitcher suitable?

Water sports: sprayhood, boat cover, marine canvas, corners of covers/cloths. That is why this tool is an absolute must have as an emergency repair set and for on board!
Home: shoes, boots, belts, leather
Tents: camping tents, shelters, scouting tents
Hobby: saddle and saddle gear, sports equipment, climbing gear
Et cetera, et cetera


What's standard with the Speedy Stitcher. How do you get this tool delivered?

Our original Speedy Stitcher contains 1 thick needle (54x2mm), 1 curved needle (54x2mm), 1 pre-wound spool of waxed yarn Coarse 150 (12 meters). All this is excellent for repairing thick materials such as leather, shoes, etc. but not for yacht sails, tents, boat covers because of the too large holes it causes. As explained clearly and explicitly above, we advise thinner needles and water-repellent yarns - see above links within our webshop for these products.

How do you work with the Speedy Stitcher?

The Speedy Stitcher has a waxed thread in the handle. That thread runs through a hole in the tip of the needle. Put this thick needle through the cloth and then pull out as much thread as the length of the surface to be sewn. Then pull back the speed stitcher, the thread will still run through the hole. Then insert the thread at another place through the cloth. Insert the needle all the way through, then pull it back slightly. This will create a 'loop' on the other side of the cloth, where the loose end of the thread is also located. Put this loose end through the loop. Then pull the needle out again and stick it in another place through the sail. And so you continue along the entire length of the cloth to be repaired. You can also - which is much easier - watch the videos below.

Video demonstrations as a manual for the Speedy Stitcher

Click on the BUTTON 'Video' on this page(above stated) as a manual for the speedy stitcher and everything will be immediately clear. If you want to see more: go to YouTube and fill in the word 'Speedy Stitcher'.