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Pollen gauze

Poll-Tex®. The only pollen gauze with medical certificates

Minimum 97% poll-stop. Ideal for your pollen screen

Poll-tex pollengauze has been tested and certified by Europe's highest Council and hospital. 


Certificate nr. 1. 100% anti-graspollen, minimum 97% pollen protection 

Official declaration from E.C.A.R.F.: The pollen protection filter "Poll-tex" received the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation’s Seal of Quality for products and services suitable for allergy sufferers.The material stops 97% of birch pollen and 100% of grass pollen from entering a room. Even very small nettle pollen and ragweed pollen particles are almost completely blocked when the window is equipped with the pollen filter. The material is suitable for those with pollen allergies and is a good protection from airborne pollen.

Certificate nr. 2. From Europe's highest authority, the Charité hospital  from Berlin. Please read the information on the specific product pages. 


We have Polltex pollen gauze available in two widths: 120cm and 160cm. And, you can buy per 10 cm length. 

Save 40%
24,99 14,99 (Including tax) Per linear metre
120 cm / 47.2 inch
100% Polyester
Save 33%
29,99 19,99 (Including tax) Per linear metre
160 cm / 63 inch
100% Polyester