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Difference in brands of waterproof acrylic fabrics

What is the difference in brands of acrylic canvas?

First an explanation of our waterproof acrylic fabric. Our boat acrylic is a very high quality, waterproof acrylic fabric that has been specially developed for outdoor use. This acrylic fabric has a waterproof acrylic coating and a special, dirt-repellent and water-repellent aftertreatment that protects the fabric against stains, grease stains, liquids and splashing salt or chlorinated water.
Esvo may call itself the market leader in waterproof outdoor fabrics and we absolutely stand by the information below.

What is the technical difference between Docril, Sauleda and Sunbrella Plus? : NONE! 

Many are familiar with the well-known Dickson brand Sunbrella. Sunbrella was developed to be used outdoors all year round: in the garden, as patio screening, as a tarpaulin, or on the deck of a boat, et cetera. In terms of characteristics, EXACTLY THE SAME technical specifications of acrylic fabric Sunbrella Plus also apply to our other brands Docril and Sauleda, which are also internationally valued. WE GUARANTEE IT!
You can compare this anyway if you compare the different technical specifications of each brand in terms of weather resistance, high water resistance, unique high colour fastness/u.v. resistance and especially the durability of these acrylic fabrics. They simply do not differ from each other.

Is there really no difference between these waterproof acrylic fabrics? Yes, the shape retention.

Yes, the DOCRIL and SAULEDA acrylic fabrics are even more dimensionally stable than the world-famous outdoor fabric Sunbrella Plus. This means that Docril's acrylic fabric retains its shape better when exposed to weather conditions. In addition, this acrylic is also somewhat softer to the touch.

Who tells you about these differences in acrylic fabrics? The market leader in outdoor fabrics

We can guarantee the above information because we can call ourselves the online European market leader in outdoor fabrics and boat acrylic. Because of our reputation and customer appreciation, we do not want any complaints. Therefore, we have selected the very best brands and their AAA quality boat canvas for our marine waterproof fabrics. We started our range with Sunbrella Plus - to everyone's satisfaction. Then we were able to add the internationally renowned maritime brands Docril and Sauleda to our wide range. We supply these acrylic fabrics from 10 centimetres and at the lowest prices available. Click here for our product overview of acrylic fabrics.

Applications of the above mentioned waterproof acrylic fabric

In view of the high technical characteristics and their durability, the applications of the above fabrics are not limited to boats, but these waterproof acrylic fabrics can also be used for:

  • your patio or veranda (separation)
  • Protective cover for garden furniture and a motor cycle to outdoor cushions and a trailer)
  • Tarpaulin - sheet custom made
  • Any form of shade cloth or partition

The most important feature for the home is the chic look and for the boat and adverse conditions: the durability and the unique UV resistance.

Buying this high quality waterproof acrylic fabric

You can buy our waterproof boat fabric starting at 10 centimetres and then 10 centimetres longer, from €11,18 per m2. We deliver from the roll, so you can benefit from both our flexibility and our low prices. Just compare with our competitors. Click here for our wide range of boat acrylics with dozens of colours.

Would you like more advice on Docril, Sauleda or Dickson’s Sunbrella Plus brands or other waterproof outdoor fabrics?

We can imagine that, given our huge range, you would like more specific advice on the right waterproof outdoor fabric for your specific situation. In that case, you are more than welcome to contact our Sales Department in our webshop. We can be reached at [email protected] or 0031299 363695.

With kind regards,

the ESVO team