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Beautifully styled and most durable windbreaks

Various versions of windscreens - even versions without guy ropes.
The beach windscreen or camping windscreen has become more modern. In fact, you don't even need guy ropes anymore. The curved Mistral windbreak can be anchored to small base plates and thus the tensioning of the various guy ropes is a thing of the past. The model has a slightly curved shape and looks more appealing than the conventional, rectangular beach windscreens. The function of the windscreen is still the same of course: shelter from the wind and being able to enjoy the shelter.

The difference lies in the materials used and the presentation.

ESVO offers a program of high quality and durable windbreaks for beach, camping or garden use. The materials are selected for their durability and robustness. In the past, cotton was the most commonly used canvas for beach windscreens. Now there are also alternatives, such as the all-season canvas, which gives the windscreen a high durability (waterproof, mould insensitive, easy to clean, etcetera). Our windscreen poles are made of epoxied steel. In terms of versions for beach windscreens, you can choose between a plain fabric or clear transparent 'tent glass'. For the enthusiasts ESVO Tents also offers Isabella beach windscreens, which can of course also be used as windbreaks on the campsite, terrace or garden.

mistral op camping

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