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Buying a tent? Things to know before you buy.

by Dieter Herkenhoff

What should I look for when buying a tent?

Is it normal for a tent to leak after two years? At ESVO Tents in Volendam, during the Dutch television programme 'Totally Crazy Of'(RTL4), they explain in 3 minutes what sustainable camping with good materials means and what a good camping tent has to meet.
If you are also fond of camping, you don't want your tent to leak after a short time - so you don’t want to have your camping holiday spoiled. Qualitative and durable materials can prevent this! The choice of good materials is a carefree choice for both the manufacturer and the customer! Erik Schokker of ESVO Tents explains, in the broadcast of Sunday 23 June '19 of 'Totally Crazy Of' on RTL4, how ESVO as a camping tent factory produces quality tents, which even last longer than 25 years.