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Tent repair and tips

by Richard Schokker

In addition to maintenance, the tent can also be in need of repair. Small tent repairs, such as turning on a spannerlus, or closing a small tear can anyone a bit of skill on the sewing machine has it myself. But when there are more serious issues, such as torn cams, broken zippers or major damages in the canvas, the repairer or the tent Fabrik must pass coming.
It is important that you do not wait in such cases until just before the holidays, because usually it does not work anymore. The tent factory in the autumn sufficient time to carry out repairs and can therefore devote sufficient attention to it. In general, you can count on a high degree of flexibility in dealing with repairs. Especially when 't is wrong. For smaller issues can be asked to go first just on holiday and then to bring the tent stop by or send. We are certainly very accommodating in there.
As said you can repair most small tent itself carry out quite easily. Sewing on a release tab is not usually a job. There came a small tear in the canvas, it is usually solved with the special opstrijkmiddelen which are available with us. They are repair kits which a cloth strip is on one side an adhesive layer. With a hot iron can be a slip on the canvas on the damage around slices. They are available in the colors of the most common tent cloths.
Cracks in the PVC floor sails, which occur in most tents, you can easily fix the repair kits that are marketed for PVC inflatable boats.

Frame tent or tent poles
In addition to the tent also has the tent frame needed some attention. Check that there is not too much in the reduced portions (slight) rust is. Otherwise, you get the following season, the rod sections less easy or apart. The corrosion spots treated equally with sandpaper, possibly with an anti-rust agent opsmeren. In case of old steel frames, many seasons have been there, after the same treatment also possibly a thin layer of white pile on lubrication. Also with aluminum to watch out oxidation. The surface is then speckled or rough. The material is anodized but after many years, this can happen. It's all to occur when the aluminum tent poles keeps dry.

Tent pegs and tent pegs
Note that the tent pegs and pins not sit filthy and soaked in the bag. Because then you will find them the next season as a big "lump" rust back. Before the new camping season whether you have enough of everything and fill the stock if necessary.