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Ripstop nylon as kite fabric and more

by Richard Schokker

Kite fabric from ripstop nylon. Some backgroundinformation


If you want to buy kite fabric the so-called ripstop nylon fabric is the best choice.

Ripstop nylon fabric is identified by a pattern blocks. Nylon ripstop fabric is stronger than standard nylon fabric, especially with respect to the tensile strength and tear resistance (values of 6.6. Ripstop a distance of approx 4mm).

The ripstop nylon fabric
Ripstop nylon is a special woven, lightweight nylon fabric that resists in a special way tearing of the fabrics. In ripstop nylon is every few millimeters weaving distance an extra thick thread is woven into the fabric. This creates a sort of special block pattern/grid. This cloth structure protects the fabric from extra tear, simply because the thicker weft threads (read: warp yarns) are of a stronger quality Ripstop nylon is a special nylon fabric, which is significantly stronger because of its weaves. For these reasons, this canvas is extremely suitable as kite fabric.

Coated ripstop nylon - polyurethane
The soft polyurethane coating of ripstop nylon fabric or silicone coating of nylon cloth(3-layer) gives ultimate ultraviolet stability of the fabric and absolute airtightness(non-breathable). In addition, it is of course also waterproof.

Applications ripstop nylon kite fabric: kites and foils. But of course, also for tents!


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Even more information about nylon ripstop fabric:

What you should know about Ripstop NylonRipstop nylon was first manufactured during World War 2, and it was used in parachutes as a replacement for silk, because it was the cheaper and more durable option. Since then this material has been used in almost every manufacturing industry, from camping equipment to items of clothing. The reason for this steady rise in popularity is the fact that this material is extremely durable and it is extremely resistant to tears. If a tear does appear, the special weave of the material will prevent the tear from growing.

How is Ripstop Nylon Manufactured?

Ripstop nylon, contrary to the name, is not solely made from nylon. This type of material is made from a combination of materials, such as silk and cotton, with nylon threads. It is by interlocking the threads of the nylon in crosshatch patterns that prevents tears from occurring on the material, and in the event that it does, the weave stops the tear from spreading. It is interesting to note that, although it is referred to as nylon, this material only forms a small part of the makeup of the entire item.

The Materials Used to Manufacture Ripstop Nylon
The materials that are used to weave through the nylon will come out with a different result, which is dependent on the type of texture the manufacture is looking for. This material can be produced to feel soft and silky or sturdy and stiff, and this is all because of the materials that are used as a basis for the item. The materials that are used as a basis for Ripstock clothing and camping gear range from hardy cottons to soft silks, and it is important to be aware of the base material so that you can take precautions when maintaining and cleaning these items.

How to Identify Nylon Ripstop
If you are wondering how to identify this material, you can simply analyze the weave patterns in the materials, as the weaving method used to make nylon Ripstop will cause a box or diamond pattern to form on the surface of the material. It might be difficult to detect at first, but on close inspection it will become clear, so you will never have to worry about struggling to identify this fabric ever again. If you are looking to identify the material that has been used as a basis for the Ripstop material, you can simply turn to the label on the item, as it should display the information you are looking for.

Purchasing Ripstop nylon fabric
Nylon ripstop fabrics can be purchased almost anywhere these days, since it is one of the most popular manufacturing items for durable clothing, sporting and military wear on the market. You can purchase this item in a variety of colors and textures, and this means you can choose the feel and color that you like best. The fact that Ripstop nylon is both affordable and so available makes it the first choice for individuals who want to be sure that they can rely on their clothing and camping gear, no matter what types of elements they come into contact with.