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Custom awnings

With our ultra-modern robotic cutting machine we make any cloth or fabric to size

A substantial cost saving alternative and certainty about your shade cloth or canvas to size Cutting to size a solar cloth, tarp, tent tarp, shade cloth or other type of cloth or tarp course you can do yourself, but it takes so much time. You can do this through our cutting robot also work together with the assurance that the measurements for the tenth mm to be accurate.


ESVO is the Benelux market leader sold loose tent, tarp tent and outdoor fabrics

As one of the few tent manufacturers in Europe we have - since August 2015 - its own fully automated cutting machine for all types of fabric, fabric and film. For the purpose of eg. A shade cloth custom, fabric, cloth sun, porch cover, cover, patio cover, window cover, tarpaulin-made, et cetera. Our flexibility. Self design to allow design The table of the cutting machine is suitable for cloth widths to sail, foils and textiles to 320cm wide. Customers the canvas tent or tarp can fall from standard 100cm by 10cm and then more and then himself then cut to size. In case of cutting our cloth length or sizes can be specified and the canvases can we get cut exactly to size and also to execute. The cloths are folded to size or provided to the role to the customer, is immediately ready for use. We can also, if desired, the fabric design for you. Further information about this first like to communicate extensively through our email address [email protected]


What can our robot-cutting machine do?

Every shade cloth, sun cloth, tent canvas, tarpaulin until pond liner tailored to the 10th mm accuracy, in any required size. The cutting machine may cut all in the field of fabrics, leather and foils, with the exception of metal and wood The cutting machine is very accurate. This allows a constant high quality and speed achievable It is also possible to cut extremely thin materials, such as e.g. window film Because of the unique cutting technique, it is possible to cut up to 320cm wide A laser scans to cut the canvas or of the fabric on the table. The software reads this and adjusts the machine, so it is extremely precise cut The variety of products is enormous: solar cloth to size, shade cloth, canvas, porch cover, cover, window cover, awning, patio cover, et cetera. Made from high-quality fabric, canvas, canvas with different weaves and waterproof coatings. Of cotton and nylon to polyester and transparent sail cloth. Wage Cut to size.


Cooperation with companies ESVO is open to collaboration with other companies.

There we got installed in our cutting machine in August 2015, we have still enough capacity to cut for third parties. As described above, you can rely on consistent quality, which is achieved fully automated by the Journal. 1 in the area of ​​CAD-CAM cutting machines for the purpose of fabrics or foils. The design can deliver us as DXF. For the delivery of other file formats please contact us at. We can cut the parts of your own design or you can schedule the design also let us make. Overview of what is possible with cloths include custom A cloth or tarp create custom show has so many advantages. You can create any design or shape you wish. You are not bound by any model or custom shade cloth, tarp, tent cover that you wish we can make. Sharply cut, at a competitive price. An overview of what is possible, among other things: Solar cloth to size shade cloth to size pond liner to size sail custom custom canvas custom boat cover sheeted custom custom canvas pool sail custom tent canvas to size custom window sail foil to size terrace sail custom PVC sail to size porch sail custom p.v.c. sheeted custom boat canvas to size