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ECO underground sheet PP, 300 x 400 cm

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Rooth cloth, also known as 'anti-root cloth' can also be used as a tent ground sheet. The anti-root cloth is rot- and fungicidal, can be used 'for life' and is therefore very suitable as a tent carpetunder your final ground cover. The fine weaving structure of this anti-root cloth allows the water to seep through te material. This prevents water from remaining between the tent ground sheet and the ground sheet and also prevents odours and unpleasant smells (rotting grass). Moreover, this ground sheet keeps your tent and ground sheet clean of dirt and mud.


It is also possible to use the root cloth as protection for the tent ground sheet. After all, there are always small stones or hard unevenness on the ground. In short, root cloth is multi-functional! Our tent ground sheet is a so-called Eco Ground Sheet PP. The root cloth is available in various sizes.



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