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Neodymium block magnet, 13 x 7 x 5 mm, very strong

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Neodymium block magnet. Small, very strong magnets. Buy per piece

If you are looking for a very strong neodymium block magnet for universal applications, then we have these small magnets with extremely high adhesion for you.

- Neodymium block magnet, for use in all types of textiles*
- Quality N35, Ni-Cu-Ni coated
- Size : 13 x 7 x 5 mm
- Axially magnetized in 5 mm
- Adhesive force approx.: 3.1 KG
- Ordering per piece 

P.S. We also have neodymium sew-in magnets, moisture- resistant and therefore not susceptible to rust. And also suitable for all types of textiles. Click here for these sewable magnets - in disk form, also neodymium. 


Small magnets but oh so strong. Applications of the neodymium block magnets

Our neodymium block magnets are multi-functional. You will find these magnets in various industrial products and is also used by our customers for hanging shade cloth or boat cloth on/from a steel boat wall. Other people use these small magnets to hang mosquito nets on steel frames. Our neodymium block magnets are so strong that they hold large canvases in place - sewn into an open hem and the magnets approx. 45 cm apart(from each other). 
Other applications of these magnets are: fridge magnet, for a magnet wall, physics tests, corsages, tents, boats, caravans, motorhomes, as memo magnet and so on.

Technical data of our neodymium block magnets

Dimensions block magnet : 13 x 7 x 5 mm
Quality magnets: NdFeB N35 with Ni-Cu-Ni coating. This coating ensures that you can also use these magnets on your boat because of the corrosion resistance UNDER THE CONDITION THAT these are completely hidden in the zoom tunnel (only the coating make the block magnet rust resistant). However, if you want 100% certainty regarding the property of stainless steel, click here for our sew-in magnets. These are equipped with a PVC jacket. 

Processing of these block magnets in fabric and canvas. Useful tips!

You can use our neodymium block magnets in fabric or canvas: from curtains and tent cloth to mosquito netting and boat canvas. Depending on the size of the cloth, we recommend a distance of approx. 45cm between the magnets in order to achieve an optimal adhesion. If you are processing the fabric yourself, bear in mind that the magnets will stick to the metal plate just next to your needle on your sewing machine. You can compensate for this by placing the magnets in your freezer for at least 3 hours. This results in a 'layer' on the neodymium coating, which means that the magnetic force is switched off for a short time. In the case of 'frozen' magnets, treat these block magnets with care because they are extra fragile and can therefore break.

Buy these neodymium magnets per piece - order from one piece! 

Most neodymium block magnets suppliers will require you to order in larger quantities. At ESVO's you can order these small magnets per piece !


ESVO made in Holland
  • 100% self-produced
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ESVO made in Holland