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Rock peg Robust, ribbed steel 40 cm

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40 cm
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  • 100% self-produced
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Rock peg Robust. 40cm. Wire peg. Heavy quality. Galvanised.

This heavy-duty ground peg 40 cm, also called wire peg and available separately, is suitable for safely anchoring a large tent, market stall, group tent, event stall or inflatable structures, particularly in hard ground, between tiles and bricks. You can therefore use this ground stake in any situation and type of soil. Once this separate ground peg has been driven into the ground, you will not have to worry about it anymore. Do you want a wider peg or wire peg for your tent? Then click here.


Material of this galvanised loose rock peg storm steel

  • This heavy-duty ground peg is made of twisted and rolled hard steel.
    The steel is galvanised
  • Diameter 8 mm
  • Length 40 cm
  • Distance between eye approx. 35 mm
  • Alternative: this rock stake in length 30 cm. Click here.


Applications of this steel wire peg as a heavy-duty rock peg, particularly between tiles and bricks

ESVO is market leader in tent pegs and carries a very wide and deep range of storm pegs and wire pegs. Click here for our extensive range of tent pegs. This tent peg is especially attractive because of the 'thin' but very strong and durable, galvanised version. Because of this, this rock-peg fits easily between tiles and bricks. 
Examples of applications
  • As wire pegs for a market stall (as wire pegs between tiles or paving stones)
  • Securing a large tent or caravan awning in hard ground (e.g. rocky ground)
  • Securing a pond net(reduces the risk of the net or ground cover blowing up)
  • The safe anchoring of a party tent
  • Extra securing of a jumbo umbrella
  • Stormproofing of an event or group tent


Loose wire peg. Packaging of this steel, heavy duty rock peg or wire peg

This galvanised and heavy rock peg is sold individually and available in a length of 30cm or 40cm.


Alternative rock peg, storm pegs, tent pegs, etc. or additional accessories

This peg is a loose rock peg. Are you thinking of wider wire pegs, rock pegs, guylines, rubber rings or other supplies? ESVO is market leader in these supplies! Click here for our range of tent pegs or go to the section 'Accessories' for our truly enormous range of supplies.


Want to know more about wire pegs?

We have written a special topic page on wire pegs, with background information on these heavy rock pegs and their applications.
Click here to read this webpage.
As the largest camping tent manufacturer in the Netherlands since 1922, we know better than anyone which storm pegs are best suited for your stall, tent, awning or other application. Therefore, if you would like more information on any of our rock pegs, wire pegs or tent pegs, you can contact us at 0031299363695


ESVO made in Holland
8 mm
40 cm

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